Monday, September 14, 2009

The Grand Canyon & Mesquite Nevada September 2009

The Grand Canyon North Rim Unbelievable
We ate Dinner at 9:30 pm after a 2 1/2 hour wait in some really fancy Restaurant at The Lodge!!! Too bad they were also almost out of everything including Prime Rib, sour cream and they didn't even have Creme Brule?(my weakness with dessert)!!!
Sunset was Gorgeous
Mark & Michelle (Chris's sister & husband) came with us and they are so dang adorable expecially Michelle's 8 mo. pregnant belly!
Tristan seriously fell asleep waiting for dinner

"The view up here!!!"

I love that they look "little" in these enormous wooden chairs.

These were the cutest little cabins. We thought we were staying in a hotel room but when we got there this was the room, these were even better. Tristan had to try out the bed (it works for jumping).

We stayed 2 nights in Mesquite Nevada where we went Cosmic bowling and did a little swimming.

Michelle was our top bowler that night...(not to mention we had the bumpers up for the kids)

My Boys Truly Love their aunt Michelle!
Chris and Mark at The shooting range, playing with guns.

The Casablaca pool is SO cold but it was so HOT that you actually want to get in (even me, I HATE COLD WATER).

SO....I NEVER Gamble, BUT while we were in Mesquite I was so bored waiting for Chris that I sat down at a penny slot machine called "FORT KNOX" with $20. I know, I know.....I wasn't going to post this but I have a point to make. I don't know how long it was but long enough to watch two guys get in a fight and another sit down next to me telling me how the machines are just not paying off tonight (SCAREY)? Chris returns and says "lets go" I just kept saying "one more, one more" It was so funny when Chris looked at my Balance and said "Is that REAL money?" LOL!

I won almost $300 but my point is that I couldn't stop until Chris made me push the "Cash out" button & I really couldnt even tell how much I had won, because it counts in pennys (so deceiving).... DON'T DO IT!


Brittany said...

So glad you finally blogged:) All of your vacations look like tons of fun! Wonderful shower you and Melissa gave for Michelle.

Emmilee said...

Your blog is so cute!! Did you design your own background?

Royalbird said...

Looks like so much fun! if you want to add my blog to your list, it's Can't wait to get up there and get together with you!