Friday, October 9, 2009

(Last minute) Pinewood Derby October 2009

When we are talking sports car we mean "sports" "had to" have some kind of sport logo! (this time it happened to be the Utah Utes. Tanner had missed scouts for a couple of weeks and this Derby just snuck up on us too quickly. We were sanding painting and glueing the night before had to let it dry by morning. Chris had to work so thanks to my Dad we finished the car just before the race. Too bad our scale at home was off and the car weighed too much. Tanner was upset when we had to take some weights off and the car didn't look as good. We had a great time anyway. I did have to hear about how we could have done it better and what we need to do next year and all the cars statistical information ALL NIGHT  from Tanner. It was our first Pinewood derby so I guess we did okay.

Tanner got the award for the most FANATICAL car! (Imagine that, Thanks Andy for helping me with the awards.)

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